I am interested in the origin of things, and how their remains can still be seen in current society. Although not always visible, the influence of our past is strong, it can motivate us in positive and negative ways. Researching the past can provide clues, that can help understand our current ways of seeing and behaving. It provides u with a context that is essential to look critical at how things are framed today. In this research you often stubble upon paradoxical  interconnections  and similarities that will give you a more nuanced approach towards a subject.


My aim as a designer is to translate research and concept into design. Making the topic less abstract and more accessible for people, enhancing participation and discussion on a topic. Tools like visual metaphors can be very  useful to achieve this. It’s important to place yourself in the discussion, offer perspective on the different sides of the story but also show your own view, critique and or solution.


I always try to choose the medium that best fits the concept that I want to convey. Whatever this is a film, installation, special - product design or a combination.

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