Cross symbol


Before the man departs the women fixes a textile cross on his shirt. The man gives her a self-made wooden cross neckless. This exchange of the cross between the man and woman attaches meaning to the symbol. It’s about their love for one another that is strengthened through their common faith and belief in the religious quest. The textile cross is on his shirt beneath the other layers of clothing, private, invisible for others. After his return the cross is torn off, he has lost his faith and thus has become alienated from his wife. The print that the cross left on the dirty shirt is still  visible, Their relationship can be restored. For the woman the wooden cross neckless is a physical link to her husband.  It provides hope of her husband to return. When she buries the cross she doesn’t bury her religious faith but her hope of seeing her husband again. When the man later sees that the priest carries the cross and gives a textile cross to the child he sees this as an interference in his family by a religious fanatic.



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