For the exterior location It was important that the environment surrounding the house was vast and abandoned, to amplify the loneliness and isolation of the woman. She stares across the horizon searching and praying for her husband to come home.

We found a shed and had to transform it into a farm house. We made a wooden wall to cover the front of the building and to add a door. We placed a willow fence and added some big set pieces. To make them fit in the environment we had to make them look like they had been there for many years. We used dirt, paint, chemicals and many other tools to give them a weathered and used appearance. With stones we made a path to the door, supposedly leading to a village. In post- production we visually added a straw roof and removed fences and poles in the background.

Visualizing the passing seasons was important to give the idea of time going by and to help conveying the emotional status of the woman. We shot the film in three different seasons but to enhance the effect we added fallen leaves and mud in the fall, snow in the winter and planted plants and flowers in the spring. With colour grading in post we amplified the different seasons.

For the scenes in the rain we build an installation that could cover the entire front of the house with rain. We also build a small installation so we could follow the actress while she runs over the fields.



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