We shot the interior scenes in an outdoor museum that had reconstructed a few medieval houses. To make the interior scenes more interesting and realistic we didn’t want the viewer to have a clear idea about the layout of the house. This also helps to create the illusion of the interior and exterior being one single location. We hanged linen sheets at different places in het interior, attached storage planks at the walls and placed furniture at different angels and heights in the room.

The scenes in which the woman and child are alone take place in a small part of the house. When the man returns, more parts of the house are shown. By placing the fireplace in the centre of the house we could use its warm light in different scenes and parts in the interior. The fireplace also forces the actors to walk around it, creating a more dynamic movement in the scenes.

To show the different seasons in the interior, we added seasonal herbs, fruit and vegetables that the woman uses for cooking.



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