Assembeling assigments



Former RDM workers talk about Heijplaat and the Rotterdamse droogdok maatschappij as a city in itself. The shipbuilding company that was founded in 1902 and was active until 2002 made massive ships for transport, military use and big cruise liners.

All the parts and tools that were required for shipbuilding were made at RDM.

The workers all had one specific skill and made different parts of a ship. All these parts where combined and assembled.

Today the RDM buildings are still in use. In the renovated buildings the Albeda College teaches their students how to work with iron. In order for those students to learn their craft, they have to make objects as assignments. But those random objects do have a purpose. Combining three assignments form the three departments a product is assembled. Just a few parts are added.

The lamp shows the development of skill that the students generate as they work their way through their study.