Part of the kiln



A field oven or kiln is a traditional way to bake bricks. With this method of baking bricks, the unbaked bricks themselves make up the oven in with they are baked.  All the parts are simply made by hand with the aid of a mold. You need to make a lot of bricks in order to make the oven to bake them. So its not possible to make just one unique product. You could say these product are a work of craft but others might label them products of industry. The same question can be askes in regard to the construction and firing the oven.

For me it’s industry Avant la letter, it’s both craft and industry.

The products are made on the spot with clay locally dug out of the ground. The products are stacked to make the oven. The oven is fired. All the products are different because of their place in the oven. After de fire is burned out the oven is disassembled. The parts are sold as an individual product.


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