Rayon de Soleil

2016 / 2017


For the short film Rayon de Soleil I developed together with the director Philippe van der Loo and D.O.P. Cederic van Bockel the visual style for the film. As the Production designer I  focussed on constructing a visual concept that would help tell the story. From this concept we chose locations, designed clothing and props, made a colour pallet and a set dressing plan.

I co-organized  practical aspects like construction, budgeting and transport of the art department.

On this page you can read and see more about the costume and props design and the interior and exterior locations.


The film is set In the 12th century in the French wilderness, a woman awaits with her child for her husband to return from the crusades.

While exploring the way people back then lived in relation to nature, this historical drama favours the use of allegory to address contemporary concerns such as religious fanaticism, post traumatic stress disorder and alienation.





Watch the teaser here

Costume design

Interior location

Cross symbol